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Living The Dream (L.T.D)

Living The Dream (L.T.D.) is a bonafide soul album touching on a range of topics such as optimism, angst, social consciousness, love, taboo, heartache, and just having a good time. Crafted in the spirit of classic soul records, this 12-song LP is full of live instrumentation, solid songwriting, and stirring vocals. Make Living The Dream a part of the soundtrack of your life.



Acknowledging that each of us has a priceless gift that we must harness and share with the world, Bashiri has come to define his sound as “Indy-Soul”. From shoo-wop style singing groups and classical vocal training, to performances local and abroad, his vocal prowess has been growing into the soul-stirring entity it is known as today. The influences of Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, and Otis Redding echo in his performance, and those coupled with his own strength and passion have come together to create soul music. Seeking to join the ranks of other indie-soul artists looking to breathe new life into the scene, Bashiri has begun to make a name for himself not just in the Circle City, but around the country. Bashiri’s infectious passion for the art of music and authenticity in performance is making him a familiar name on the independant music scene. Humble in his approach, relentless in his delivery, you have to experience it to truly understand. “Music is my weapon of choice, what’s yours?”

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