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Not heard too much from the COOL MILLION crew for some time now, that's because the duo have been busy putting together their very own 'Best Of...' album and with such a quality laden back catalogue, that's some job!

Anyway as a taster for the set Cool Million have just released a stunning modern soul single, 'That's My Lady'. The cut, on their Sed Soul label, features a soulful vocal from a gentleman called Gregers and you can enjoy the tune in the original "Berlin" mix or the slightly more electro-tined "Boogie" mix.... both are stamped all over with everything you've come to know and love about Cool Million.

Once the 'Best Of... ' has come and gone Rob and Frank are going to get stuck into a tenth anniversary album. Yep, hard to believe but by 2018 Cool Million will have been turning out quality modern soul for ten years... and to celebrate there's going to be a very, very special album!

release date ::  29 september

Cool Million biography




Over the past seven years, European boogiemeisters COOL MILLION have delivered consistently remarkable R&B gems for the dance floor featuring cream-of-the-crop vocalists in fresh melodic settings.


The German-Danish production duo has reminded listeners around the world that even in a marketplace saturated by artificially grown hits, it’s still possible to create authentic and meaningful recordings that make bodies move.          


Cool Million have become a solid rock in today's tumultuous barren musical desert.


These guys KNOW about SOUL music. They are not following trends, jumping on bandwagons or even trying to create a trend.


COOL MILLION are simply creating real music with real feeling and doing so with all the knowledge, love and respect for what we can affectionately call the groove.


COOL MILLION Discography



  • Naughty Girl ft. Lene Riebau (Soulportal Records) 2007

  • Naughty Girl ft. L Riebau (REMIX) (Sundae Soul) 2007 Vinyl

  • Walk Away ft. Eleana (Sundae Soul Records)  2007 Vinyl

  • Give Me My Love ft. CJ Anthony (Remixes) (Sed Soul) 2008

  • Tom Moulton Session ft. L. Jackson & CJ Anthony (Deep Play) 2009 Vinyl

  • Everything Ain’t Everything ft. PACE (Sed Soul Records) 2009

  • Musiq ft Jahah (Morten Trust Remix) (Soul Magic Records) 2009

  • Musiq ft. Jahah (Remixes) (Luxury House) 2009

  • Musiq ft. Jahah (Remixes EP) (Sed Soul Records) 2009

  • Sweet Baby ft Melisa Morgan (Sed Soul Records) 2009 Vinyl

  • Back For More/Loose ft. Eugene Wilde (Sed Soul Records) 2010 Vinyl

  • Sweet Baby ft. Melissa Morgan (Remixes) (Sed Soul) 2010

  • Back For More ft Eugene Wilde (Remixes)  (Sed Soul)2010 

  • Making Love ft. Jeniqua (Remixes) (Sed Soul) 2011 

  • Cool To Make a Million ft. Leroy Burgess  (Remixes) (MB Disco) 2011

  • So Real - Keni Burke (Expansion) 2011 Vinyl

  • Love The Beat ft. Laura Jackson (JD73 Remix) (Expansion Records) 2012

  • Without Your Love ft. Kenny Thomas (Sed Soul 2012) (incl. Remixes)

  • We Can Work It Out ft. Westcoast Soulstars (Sed Soul 2012) (incl. Remixes)

  • We Can Work It Out ft. Westcoast Soulstars (Street Soul Records) Vinyl

  • Running Around ft. Gary B. Poole (Sed Soul 2012) (Incl. Remixes)

  • Go Slow - Natasha Watts (Sed Soul 2012)

  • Born A Star - Natasha Watts (Sed Soul 2013)

  • It's Your Life ft. Laura Jackson (Sed Soul 2013) (Incl. Remixes)

  • Natasha Watts - Change (Sed Soul Records 2013)

  • Dontcha Wanna Dance ft. Marc Evans (Peppermint Jam/Sed Soul Records) 2014

  • Tonight ft. Glenn Jones (Sed Soul Records) 2015



  • Going Out Tonight – (Expansion Records) 2008

  • Going Out Tonight (Supreme Edition) (Sed Soul) 2009 (Digital)

  • The Tom Moulton Sessions (Sed Soul Records) 2010

  • Back For More – (Sed Soul Records) 2010

  • lll - (Sed Soul Records) 2012

  • Natasha Watts - Natasha Watts (Sed Soul Records) 2014

  • Sumthin' Like This (Sed Soul Records) 2015



  • The Sunburst Band – Everyday (Retr-O-Matic Mix) (ZR) 2009 Vinyl

  • Preston Glass ft. Keni Burke – Orange U Ready (Cool Million Remix) (Expansion) 2010 Vinyl

  • Noel Mckoy – Jealousy (Cool Million Remix) (Imani) 2010

  • Soul Talk – Really Don’t Mind (Cool Million Remix) (Expansion) 2011

  • Shirley Jones ft. Jean Carne - Tell Me What’s Wrong (Cool Million Remix) (Expansion) 2010/2011 Vinyl

  • Tom Glide and The Luv All Stars - Luv Is Coming Up (Cool Million Remix) (Expansion) 2011 Vinyl

  • Beverley Knight - Mama Used To Say (Cool Millions Boogie Down Mix) (Hurricane) 2011

  • Angie Brown – The Time (Cool Million Remix) (Lucky Soul Radio) 2011 

  • JD73 - Written In The Stars (Cool Million Remix) (ZRecords) 2011

  • Roberto De Carlo - Searching (Roberto de Carlo Digital) 2012

  • Faye B. - Finally (Cool Million Remix) 2012

  • Omar feat. Angie Stone - Stylin' (Cool Million Rephunked) 2013 Peppermint Jam

  • Chidi - Love Thang (Cool Million Remix) 2013

  • Random Soul - Another Day (Cool Million Remix) 2013

  • James Day ft. Audrey Wheeler - Rewind (Cool Million Remix) 2013

  • Faye B - Any Other Way (Cool Million Remix) 2013

  • Mariama Ceesay - Think About You Instead (Cool Million Remix) Sed Soul Records 2013

  • LIsa Stansfield - Can't Dance (Cool Million Remix) 2014

  • Eric Benèt - Harriet Jones (Cool Million Remix) Peppermint Jam Records 2014 

  • Lisa Stansfield - There Goes Heart (Cool Million Remix) 2014

  • Lisa Stansfield - The Crown (Cool Million Remix) 2014

  • Jay W. McGee - Good Feeling (Cool Million Mix) Legere 2015




You can listen to the best of Cool Million on our Featured Artists Airtime Program on

Mondays, Thursday, Saturday and Sundays at 18h CET on OneLuvFM

The Best Of

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