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So Much Love



Singer/songwriter, Douyé, holds her own as she steps up to center stage with her new project, which is due to be released Spring of 2013.

The songs on the new album were inspired by life experiences. “This album reflects growth and who I am musically”, she said. Douye’ co-wrote all the songs for this project with her long time co-writer, Terry Shaddick, a renowned British born songwriter.

“I love the creative process of making music and how one can breathe life into a song, sometimes, almost immediately after writing it; it’s a special feeling that gives complete satisfaction to the soul”. This Rhine-River, Lagos born Nigerian, sings music that comes blended to perfection, rich in rhythm & soul with a splash of jazz; her sound is soulful and captivating.

The first single from this sophomore project is titled “A Beautiful Life” and the first single from the project is titled “Life Is Good”an upbeat vibrant tune that immediately puts one in a happy mood.

“I was inspired to write this song by life and the simple beautiful things of life that lights up my mood” The song, “Life Is Good” has been gaining attention both in the United States and in Europe since it’s release; the song climbed up to 9th place on the Uk Soul Chart and continue to gain consistent spinning on contemporary radio stations in the United States and in Europe.

“I released Life Is Good as my first single from this project because, I wanted to get a feel of my fans reaction to it and so far, it’s been great and that’s encouraging to me”. Douye’ is a singer, whose inviting voice possesses depth and passion and such qualities certainly resonates in this project. Led by courage and perseverance, a father’s dream and having the gift of song, this artist is definitely going places.



This is Douyé's second CD, and I'm sticking with my assessment of her as a mid-point between Sade and Randy Crawford who captures an evanescent Motown echo much more succinctly than others have. Once again she's teamed with Terry Shaddick (ex-Tranquility) to produce a sound that's gorgeous, lush, evocative, and sensuous, Golden Days a dreamy prime example. More, the two really know how to pick musicians—catch the Average White Band-y title cut for a great example—though a number of the cuts' credits are curiously indistinct. Beyond even that, Eric Marienthal and Rick Braun guest, and there's an interesting potpourri of co-arrangers and co-producers, such as Phillippe Saisse. A hell of a lot of work went into this release. Douyé's music is just something you have to surrender to, as it sweeps the listener up in its rich textures and heavenly melodies, a feast for the senses, a collection of paeans to love and positivity carried enticingly by her ceaselessly melodious singing. Wake Up is an interesting expansion of that, a call for the human race to shed its dull everyday moribundity and start to live, a gentle clarion call for our rough times to just knock it off and become human again. So Much Love flows from one cut to the next like sparkling champagne, soft-footin' and gently be-bopping. On the other hand, Writing on the Wall starts venturing into Lonnis Liston Smith cosmic vales, leaving the travails of terra firma for the twinklng stars and far reaches beyond the fields we know. No matter where you plan on cutting in on this disc, though, you're going to find yourself transported out of the workaday realm and into better days and better ways.



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