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This Could Be Love

Eric “Debonair” McNair is talented musician born in Akron Ohio. Eric relocated to TX at the age of 7 and has lived there ever since. His vocal abilities have been described as smooth and silky and reminiscent of Luther Vandross. He has a powerful delivery and always leaves the crowd wanting more. Eric is set to release his first full length LP in early 2018 entitled This Could Be Love.


Always wearing a suit onstage, Eric “Debonair” McNair has been honing his skills asa live performer for years as the Luther Vandross of Texas. His voice is so smooth that he covers classic songs by the iconic vocalist at weddings, banquets, and otherprivate events.

“Ladies shout and praise for Luther Vandross,” McNair says, with a laugh. “They loveit when I sing that old stuff.

”But This Could Be Love, his debut album of original material, explores decades of R&B.

It will be released on all digital platforms—as well as CD—on Valentine’s Day,February 14.“ I grew up listening to R&B in the ’80s, ’90s, and early 2000’s,” he says. “I hear thestuff that’s out now and it makes me appreciate the good stuff that we had. It’s notthe same quality.

This Could Be Love is concept album about the different stages of a romanticrelationship with jazzy production from Norman “MouseQuake” Barrett and TaylorPace.


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