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F8 (Veit Renn) bio:
F8, also known as Veit Renn, is a singer, producer and songwriter born in Augsburg, Germany and currently located in Orlando, Florida. Renn has written and produced for artists such as NSync, the Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Hudson, Shaquille O’Neil, and Aaron Carter.

Renn started to get involved in music at the young age of six when his parents bought him his first organ. From the inspiration of his brother, nine years his senior, Renn began to write his own songs at an early age and showed interest in playing other instruments as well. In addition to learning to play the keyboardVeit and Guitars with the aid private lessons from an instructor, Renn also taught himself to play the guitar and bass. In his early years, while singing in bands since the age of 16, Renn was recognized with an award for “Most Promising Musician” of his hometown This, along with growing success from his writing for a band with members many years his senior prompted his enrollment to Berklee College of Music. There he developed multiple technical skills, including songwriting, arranging, sequencing, and singing.

After Berklee, he began working on an album with vocalist RAab, then signed to Rip It Records. Renn not only sequenced, but also co-arranged much of the project, including “Foreplay” a gold single from the album. He then went on to work with the group “Jaze” on a song titled “Summer Love Thang”. Soon after he met the Backstreet Boys, co-producing the platinum single, “I’ll Never Break your Heart” and a few more, Renn wrote and produced 18 songs for NSync during the group’s career and his license music and production has been used on HBO, Jenny Jones, and Nordic Track commercials. He has played a vital roll in the development of Nsync and Backstreet Boys and several upcoming Artist like “Natural”, “Jennifer Hudson”, Erly Thornton and Jamie Williams.

In addition to his talents as a producer and Songwriter, Fate or F8, as he is known now, also has become an accomplished engineer, mixing records in multiple genre’s; Jazz, Pop, R&B and Rock, He continues to work on projects with various artists and has started his own label called “Celerity Records featuring Artists Crystal Starr Knighton, Jesse Stevenson, Eugene Wilde and Ian Von and himself.


He is currently teaching Advanced Audio Production Techniques at Full Sail University.


Several Multi-Platinum Awards from RIAA as Producer/Songwriter/Engineer with over 50 million.

Nr. 1 on billboard Top 40 Chart with “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” – Backstreet Boys

Most sold records in US for first week of all time with NSync’s “No Strings Attached” Album

Community Service Affiliations

Member National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences

Full Sail School Advisory Committee 2002-2005

ASCAP Member 1995-2012

Universal Music Group published songwriter 2006-2012

SESAC 2012- current

F8te is a singer/songwriter that has written and produced songs for Jennifer Hudson, N Sync, Backstreet Boys and many more. Soulful pop with a touch of R&B, uplifting and romantic, this is a must have for any true music fan.

His vocal coaching ability has always been his strong suit when producing, but his true love has always been performing and writing.

Fate’s music melts together the old and new, combining his influences of Artists like Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway and newer stylings like Eric Benet into his own, a melting pot of Pop, R&B and Soul with a modern twist.


You can listen to the best of F8te on our Featured Artists Airtime Program on

Mondays, Thursday, Saturday and Sundays at 18h CET on OneLuvFM


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