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Love Junkie

Bio :


Born in The Island of Dominica (British West Indies), singer-songwriter, Heston grew up with music all around him. Being surrounded by reggae, pop, classical, soul, R&B, rock music was commonplace and it is no surprise that radio, along with a collection of his father’s old records, would open the key to his soul and love for all types of music. From Barbara Streisand to Aretha Franklin, The Bee Gees, Marvin Gaye, Elton John, Beres Hammond, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson (to name a few) each musician looped a thread into his soul, and after listening to his music, it is clear that he has been influenced by the best.
His voice rises and falls like ocean waves rolling over the white sands of his Dominica homeland. A guitar-welding troubadour whose tenor is as melodious as the island accent of his native tongue, Heston’s music soothes, cajoles, and ultimately envelopes listeners into a sensual atmosphere rich with whispered promises. On Warm Human, Cold World (World Soul Music/Dome), his third soul project in eight years, the Atlanta-based artist is unabashedly romantic, allowing listeners to enter his most intimate spaces and thoughts. Here, the shy, singing boy who once fearfully trembled behind his church’s podium is now revealed as a sure-footed, hot-blooded man clear about what he wants and how he plans to get it—be it his internationally respected music career or securing a passionate, solitary love.
“We are naturally warm-blooded. We have feeling, emotions, go through changes, good, bad, fall in love, feel lust, attraction and affection for others, and yet we navigate in a space that without those raw human emotions, we would exist in a pretty cold world,” explains Heston about his newest title.

Warm Human, Cold World reminds us why we are here—to love. Based on two relationships experienced since his 2008 Storyteller (World Soul Music/Dome), Heston uses his solo pen, voice, and evolving self-production skills to capture the raw emotion he experienced and learned through those connections. From the first single, “Greatest Lover,” the singer/songwriter brings a universal honesty about relationships. Initially conceived as the usual break-up song, after a discussion with the song’s real-life subject, the “Greatest Lover” was transformed into an up-tempo celebration of a lover once present, now lost. Daring to reveal the arc of love, Heston delivers the fresh longing of being “Outside Your Window,” the bliss of being in it “For Love,” the “Crazy” complications of letting go, and ultimately the heartache of being “Lonely.” Recorded in a concentrated period, it is his most fluid, intimate project yet.

With a career in music that began in Atlanta, GA, launched by a self-titled EP, he has defined his journey as a full-time musician, composer, songwriter and producer. “Creating timeless music has always been my ultimate goal,” says Heston with a poised yet humble demeanor. “I want to leave the world with music that can be played for a lifetime.”


Album :

2004  Heston Special Edition

2008  Storyteller

2011  Warm Human Cold World

2013  Love Junkie


Career Highlights:

2005 - 'IF’ – chosen as title track for BET’s Real Life Divas


2008 - ‘IF’ charted in the “Top five R&B Soul Albums” in Europe

Soul Tracks – “Album of the Year”

nominated for “BET J Virtual Award”.


2008 - Debut Album STORYTELLER was released in 2008 with World Soul Music/Dome Records and sold over 30,000 copies


2008 - STORYTELLER was named the “Top 5 Soul Albums” of 2008 and was  also nominated in the Soul Tracks Awards


2011 - WARM HUMAN, COLD WORLD  (World Soul Music/Dome Records) was released in 2011 and charted #1 for three weeks on Solar Radio in Europe


2011 - WARM HUMAN, COLD WORLD  hit the charts as one of the Top 10 Albums on Soul Tracks, Album of the Month in 2011, and nominated for Soul Tracks Awards in 2011


2011 - GREATEST LOVER reached ‘Top 20 Soul Tracks of the Year’ on Soul Brothers Records


2011 - GREATEST LOVER is featured on the Music Choice Cable Television


2011 - Best Male Vocalist of the Year by Soul Tracks


2012 - ITunes deemed the song YOU a ’Hot Track’


2013 - EOTM Awards - Outstanding Album of the Year for Warm Human Cold World


2013 - Love Junkie Album released


2013 - Love Junkie #1 on UK Soul Chart


2013 - Sweet Soul Records Love Junkie Promotional Tour


2013 - Nominated for Best Male Soul Artist


Heston has performed to audiences of up to 40,000 people at international venues including the world's famous Blue Note Jazz Club (NYC), Blues Alley, Apollo Theatre, Acoustix, Center Stage, Sambuca’s Jazz Café, BAM, Highline Ballroom, Hard Rock Café, Bizz Art Club (Paris, France), Jazz Cafe (London, England), Union Chapel Islington (London, England), Emancipation Park (Jamaica) and The French Quarter Café


Heston’s melodic style of music has established him as on of Atlanta Soul’s leading lights. His Marvin-esq soulful vocals blend perfectly with the subtle semi-funky backing on the mid-tempo grooves ‘Love Junkie’, ‘Resign To U’ and ‘To The Sky’. ‘Love Space’ ft Chantae Cann, ‘My Only Question’ and ‘Dreaming’ are more laid back, and the whole album will appeal to those who appreciate the quieter side of Soul Music to sit and absorb.



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