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"In my everyday life, phenomenal things occur"
Un Miracle is Kodjo's first full album. Having been released in France in summer 2014, the
album is now ready to hit the UK. Kodjo has composed 12 songs inspired by his daily life;
regrets, guilt, hope and the search for his soul mate. Life, in all its aspects, is poured into Kodjo's unique flow and his melodies of hip-hop, zouk dance, reggae and electro all combine to make up the richness of a complex and chiselled album.
The richness of Kodjo's universe is indisputable. On the album you will find the irresistible groove of La Céleste Jérusalem, joyful choruses on Un Miracle and dance rhythms on Mon Rap. Kodjo's warm and charming flow is perfectly suited to My Woman, a moving ode to love with a reggae background and in Ici et Maintenant there is an expression of subsided anger.
Kodjo has found the perfect balance on this album which is as accessible as it is profound,
sometimes festive, sometimes introspective. This first album, resolutely positive, is an excellent newcomer on the Christian scene.
The album Un Miracle was released in France in the summer of 2014 and its second single My Woman was released for Christmas with beautiful video (YouTube: Kodjo: My Woman).

Bio :

Born in 1978 in Kinshasa, Congo, Kodjo grew up surrounded by African music. He arrived
in France when he was 10 years old and discovered rap music a few years later.

Rap became a real passion in which he developed his own style. On stage, he could refine his
sober and reflective flow. Soon he produced mix tapes and two maxis with his composers Gilles
and Greg (G&G Productions).

At that time, Kodjo was on a voyage of self-discovery. He became interested in various religions.
Eventually, the one who drew his attention the most was Jesus Christ.

His life was then tormented by very hard personal difficulties through which he survived thanks to
the love he found in God and in his close friends. This completely renewed his vision of the world
and in mankind. This new vision is the one he wants to transmit through the different styles of his
music; rap, salsa, reggae and electro, and encouraged him to start building a testimony through
his music. The reaction so far has been phenomenal.

His adventure brought him to meet the pop singer Grégory Turpin. Both artists share the same
desire to take Christian music forward. Grégory Turpin agreed to support Kodjo by producing his
first album. This project has now become a reality and Kodjo's first album Un Miracle was born.

Kodjo will be performing at major festivals in France this year and further shows are planned for

For more information, promo requests or to set up an interview please contact:
Olivier Guilbert: Ultreïa SAS,

60, rue de Rome, 75008 Paris
Tel: 00 33 6 87 63 27 60/



You can listen to the best of Kodjo on our Featured Artists Airtime Program on

Mondays, Thursday, Saturday and Sundays at 18h CET on OneLuvFM

Un Miracle

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