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New Beginning

Bio LE'JIT :


A little town known as Loreauville, La breaded 3 blood brothers with soulful authentic voices in music, John, Chris & Roi Anthony collectively known as LE'JIT. It all started when oldest brother "John" decided to start a singing group resulting from a teenage football injury. John quickly learned the craft of a skilled piano player after the trio parents showed up to their home with an upright piano. Since that magical day, the Anthony brothers have been on their way to being great musicians, singers, songwriters & producers. Once John recognized the unique voice of Chris, the middle brother, he knew that they was on to something promising & unique. Perfecting these skills as church music ministers & choir has taught the brothers to be able to sing & perform with some of todays best vocalist. Weaving through various members while striving to create the perfect singing group led to the discovery of Roi, the youngest brother, bringing the finishing touches to what would be known as 1 the most dynamic trios, LE'JIT!! Its been history ever since & the group quickly found their identity simply by being able to perform rare old school classics such as Temptations, O'jays & classics such as Lenny Williams - "Cause I Love You". Being so unique gave the group immediate longevity & opportunity to grace many stages from local venues, many major concerts, BET Video Soul & more. The group has been through many life & music lessons from releasing projects since the late 90's.

Now John, Chris & Roi are back with soulful sounds from ballads to hot new swing out/2step grooves. This is all in preparation to take over the R&B Urban AC market with a whole list of feel good music!!! With a strong fan base from the United States all the way to Japan, United Kingdom and China they are definitely ready to take on the world in the name of good R&B music!!! Since the release of member Roi Anthony's Hurricane Katrina classic which featured LE'JIT , Long Way From Home & Why Don't People Slow Dance, this dynamic trio has still been busy proving to be America's #1 performing and party group across the country. From cites like Las Vegas, Chicago, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Atlanta, and the entire Louisiana and more, they are one of the most demanded performing groups from major to independent events currently circulating in the US. Upon a new album releasing through Mohitz/Bungalo/Universal, the trio has released various singles which are quickly taking over the R&B/Soul country. The first release, Come Back Home (holiday single & video) which highlights the group's home base in Louisiana was an instant success and will be loved for many years to come. Upon the upcoming album release, A New Beginning, Le'jit is topping charts with an aray of smooth singles, No Woman & Dance The Night Away; which is a favorite in the steppers market across the country. They are following these stepping hits with a timeless wedding classic, I Found Love. Le'jit has found the formula and is definitely carving their own lane reminding R&B/Soul lovers of timeless groups such as the Ojays, Temptations and Boyz II Men. John, Chris & Roi Anthony are definitely on the rise to being Urban AC's new favorite men on the scene proving that a perfected classic sound will always be loved throughout the music world!!! LE'JIT - Join the movement & embrace the soul!!!



"LE'JIT" - John, Chris & Roi Anthony ,the brothers are back with soulful sounds from ballads to hot new swing out/2step grooves in preparation to take over the RnB Urban AC market with a whole list of good feel music!!! With a strong fan base from overseas (Japan, Uk to the US) they have set the globe on fire in the name of good RnB music!!! Since the release of member Roi Anthony's True Soul album featuring the Hurricane Katrina classic, Long Way From Home, accompanied by Le'jit, this dynamic trio has released a classic album of their own entitled "A New Beginning" . It has received 5 star reviews worldwide as being one of the perfected & well rounded albums. Their leading single "I Found Love" has brought many to love the essence of R&B/Soul & its roots capturing a rare 60's sound & timeless video. As performers, they have been busy earning the title as America's #1 performing groups across the country!! From cites like Las Vegas, Chicago, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Atlanta, the entire Louisiana & more, they are 1 of the most demanded performers for major events currently circulating the US. From the studio to the stage, Le'jit has found the formula & is definitely carving its own lane reminding RnB/Soul lovers of trendsetting groups such as Ojays, Temptations, Boyz to Men & Jodeci. John, Chris & Roi Anthony- Le'jit are definitely rising to being Urban Ac's new favorite men on the block proving that a classic sound perfected will always be loved throughout the world by many!!! LE'JIT- Join the movement & embrace the soul!!!"LE'JIT"


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R&B/SOUL is strong & more alive than ever!! The ARTIST/ WRITER/ PRODUCER known to the world as Roi "CHIP" Anthony is definitely in the pursuit of adding more soul to the genre!!  With recent success from headliners such as Beyoncé, Robin Thicke & R.Kelly, it’s a mere fact that their R&B sounds have been the top charting releases from their latest & highly successful projects!! Attracting such a wide demographic audience between these three artists proves that R&B is and will always attract the hearts from people of many different age groups!! With the forthcoming project entitled "THE CHIP ALBUM", Roi Anthony focuses on grabbing the attention of those same music lovers of all ages with the first single & relationship topic entitled; "DEALBREAKER". The highly social media trendy topic has caused an outburst of many people expressing their own relationship Dealbreakers online. It has been alarming and entertaining to witness thousands share their views leading up to the release. With the recent global success of his "LE’JIT - NEW BEGINNING" project, Roi Anthony returns solo with a banger continuing the R&B/Soul movement. He quotes, "As an Artist, Writer and a Producer for many other artists, I am sooo ready to showcase every inch of my talents and professionalism globally once again; so stay tuned for more true soul!!!”

Roi "CHIP" Anthony of Le'jit Returns With R&B Solo Smash "Dealbreaker"
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