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Modern Soul Sauce is a radio project from TIMKAT Entertainment, dedicated to independent soul, R&B, funk, and jazz, set to celebrate its first year on the air October 2013. Premiered on October 20, 2012 on Radio Kaos Caribou, the show's format focuses on soulful music that sounds "retro" or "classic", but that in reality is either brand-new or recorded very recently. Since the premiere, the show has helped to bring the music of over 120 distinct artists to new fans around the world. And while we do not accept submissions from artists on major labels, we demand the same world-class work, such as studio-quality releases, vibrant arrangements, and intelligent songwriting.

#ModSoul (as our Twitter hashtag is known) is a royalty-free effort, dedicated to helping emerging independent artists to gain world-wide exposure for album and EP sales. We do not accept any payola to include particular artists from labels, nor do we offer any royalty to the artists chosen. We simply love the music that we find and want others to hear it as well.

If you represent or are an independent soul, neosoul, jazz, funk, acid jazz, or R&B artist that feels that your sound may work with our format, please email us at

New shows typically air near the beginning of each month and are rebroadcast throughout the remainder of the month on 9 partner stations worldwide: Radio Kaos Caribou (FR), WDGP Radio (USA), 40 Foot Hole Studio (USA), Jazzy Soul Radio (AUS), Soul City Radio (USA), Urban Soul Radio (USA), Stomp Radio (UK), Shartnet (UK/Singapore) and HOT FM (UK) providing *at least* 9 different opportunities (not counting encore/repeat and/or runs through residual shows which all provide for ongoing exposure throughout the year) for independent musicians' works to be heard. In addition, the show is placed on Radio Kaos Caribou's Streamcast page (see link on our site - no podcast downloads are allowed) for listeners to discover the music even when shows are not currently airing. We actively encourage listeners to monetarily support the artists that they are discovering through the show. We always provide a playlist to our radio stations and strive to remark on the air where the music can be purchased.

We are always open to new interest from radio stations that may wish to air our show, and for the moment, the show is provided to partners without a syndication fee. Email for more information.

Current stations, artists, and upcoming schedules are always updated on ReverbNation under SHOWS. Additionally, if you are a ReverbNation artist, our schedule will appear as a "Show" on YOUR band's page so that you can easily promote each event to your fans.

In modern times, it may seem that the line between "soul" music and "hip-hop" has blurred. However, through a new Internet radio program called "MODERN SOUL SAUCE", the lines once again have sharpened.

The show's motto is "Old School with a Fresh Groove", focusing on independent artists that by and large write and produce original music that sometimes may defy category. As Steely Dan has never fit neatly into one specific style, so go the artists typically chosen for air on Modern Soul Sauce, crossing boundaries between rhythm and blues, smooth jazz, tight funk, deep house grooves, powerful horn lines, and any mix in between.




You can listen the Modern Soul Sauce Radio Show on our Featured DJ Airtime Program every Monday at 19h on OneLuvFM

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