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Map Dance Records



Mr Mike has had his finger on the pulse of the Swiss house music scene for the last decade beginning on Couleur 3 with the funky disco show called couleur Platine. which showcased the whole spectrum of black dance music, Funk, Disco, Soul. Alongside Big Charlie, Dr Silk , Danny Le Rouge & Baby Chris and later DJ Djaimin, Mike laid the foundations for the best live dance music show in Europe " Groove Lift ".

Mike has also collaborated with many artists and producers during this time, early on he was the featured vocalist on the premier Sens Unik (rap) album there followed work with George Morel for Strictly Rhythm and Willow for Hi Bias. At this time the New York Club in Neuchatel was the absolute as far as house music was concerned, that and the outrageous parties that were held at the Casino de Montreux.

This was the moment when the Mr Mike/ Djaimin period was born. Djainim released " Give You " with Alessandra (Crystal Clear) and Mr Mike did the vocals on the B side. The B side intro became a classic in the clubs. The scene changed with the arrival of techno, the music and the partying became harder and it was time to make a choice. For Mike there was no choice to make, it had always been about the music and he was feeling House.

The late nineties saw Mike score another hit with DJ Djaimin under the alias The Black & White Brothers " Put Your Hands Up In The Air " was massive and gave Mike the chance to ease back and prepare for the millennium.

Since 2000 Mike has launched his own record label MAP Dance through which he hopes to be able to release quality house music and also be a showcase for Swiss productions. Lately Mike has been spending most of his time in the studio and has just finished a project with Franco Moiraghi ( Reshape Italy) " Harlem Shuffle" and there is also a release produced by Victor Simonelli going around called " We Gonna House It Up." both featured on the "My House First " compilation.

Coming up there are releases in collaboration with Mousse T, Fab G (Riviera), Smoking Beats as well as a few remixes all to be release through MAP Dance. It has taken years of hard work and dedication but now Mr Mike can be counted amongst the top Dj's in Europe and is actively keeping the spirit of house alive through his radio show and club gigs in Switzerland and around Europe. He stands firm on his reputation as Switzerland's hardest working DJ, your DJ.

Mr. Mike, the DJ & MC behind hits like "Put your hands up" and "Pump it up" is also a famous radioshow presenter. His shows Groovelift", "Pump it up" and "in the box" on Couleur 3 are legendary. Now he takes you on his next musical journey with his event label "We Love House", where he showcases brand new housemusic and his latest release of his own record label MAP Dance Records

MR Mike

The track "Saturday" is pre - released on the 25.1.2006 at

General worldwide release on itunes etc: 8.2.2016


It is the first single from Mister P's forthcoming album "5"

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