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Retro Novo




Based in Paris France G. Langella is a music producer and remixer well known as mr. untel,
Doc gee, Yul, Loving Paris. His career starts in the 80s as music Composer and Sound Designer
for numerous French and International artists (Precious Wilson, Sister Queen, Marcia Johnson,
Wah Wah Watson…)
Since the 80’s he has been producing, composing and releasing on his own label Elliot Music
various Electronic, House Latin and Lounge music. mr.untel’s rst album “From coast to coast”
was produced by G. Langella and co-writed by D.Crémieux (designer artist based in New
York) who originally constituted the band. The lounge/down-tempo style in these albums is
a successful mix of French pop touch, Latin tempos and 70’s pop, blended with current-day
acoustics and electronic sounds production. They were conceived somewhere between
New-York and Paris, bars, cafes, hotels, and airports by taking their laptop-studio, virtual
instruments, and samplers everyone. In this album, also features a collaboration with
SS7X7( who provides remixed software (the interactive beatboxmixer)
which allows the user to re-play, re-mix and re-record the tracks by manipulating the individual
elements of the tracks. A brand new way to be interactive with mr untel’s world.
Year 2002 mr.untel produces “Les remixes de mr untel -Jacques Tati” based on the original
soundtrack of one of the french film maker icon. This album was originally released in France
by Naive and got exposure in Japan, USA, Russia, Spain, Italy ..This album has been associated
with the re-released of "Play Time" movie (one of the biggest Jacques Tati’s movie).
Year 2003, mr.untel begins to perform live as Dj for foreign clubs. In addition, he appears as
a sound designer for ocial or special events (Yokohama French Movie festival,La Fabrique in
Tokyo, Givenchy ®, French Ambassy in Moscou, Emotion/ Publicis Events parties in China,
Thailand, Singapore…
Year 2005, mr.untel produced other numerous electronic lounge albums (Amazing, Lounge
Area, Spanish Lounge, High Life) all albums inspirated by latin Flamenco style, down-tempo,
orchestral lounge and electronic music.
Year 2006 mr.untel produces , writes with vocalists and song writer or musicians.
He also does productions work and rmixes for various artists like Jean Marie K
Wha Wha Watson ...Michaux ……
With “Made in Paris” project album, he takes a new direction and this new experience Pop
orientated includes some nice & sexy Bossa Nova up to Urban Soul or Jazz songs specially
composed for the voice and words of the charming swedish vocalist Hanna H with a so
special French Electronic Touch. The album was released in August 2007 in digital format and
the CD album was released in Japan with Rambling Records label.
Year 2006 was the year of The "Spanish Lounge" album dedicated to the love of the
amenco guitar with Mathias Berchadsky "El Mati". mr.untel experiments here the subtil
language of the Latin music with an Electro touch. The spiritual El Mati Flamenco guitar
gives the nal touch to a great album, never heard before.....

In the mean time mr.untel, the DJ/Producer creates various dj sets for his partners. He plays
elegant & joyful Latin house music mixed up with his original production and of course a
gorgeous Lounge set. mr.untel production is present in numerous established Lounge music
compilations around the world like the Buddha Bar. His music is played by respected Dj’s like
Bruno (Café del mar Ibiza) or Kruder & Dorfmeister (Austria).
On the other side mr.untel produced, played and composed in collaboration with Wah Wah
Watson «Do It Right» released in France as a 12" inch vinyl and Digital download album «
Cybermix experience» including groovy, funk house sounds with the magic Wah Wah Guitar
and the gorgeous voice of melody Mc Cully
Lately, mr.untel creates specic design and synch for televisions, radio programs, advertising
agency and records company clients includes : Universal, Platiniumrye (New York), Agent
Sixteen (New York), Paris Première (French channel TV). He creates the entire sound design
for events in collaboration with Emotion/Publicis Events Asia for various private clients such
as Givenchy® or Matell®or Chivas® in Singapour, Bangkok, Benjhi, Shanghaï and Tokyo.
Year 2008, a new project is coming in collaboration with Velvet Work, it is a perfect
blend of house-music, electronica and elegant pop. Set loose the «Funky Fairy» in you on the
dance-oor or dream the night away to the irresistible «You take your time»...
Another story is the duet «mr.untel and Chicca» the spicy boogaloo Italian vocalist grows up
and a new band is born "The Maggoos". All songs written and composed by mr.untel are
perfectly designed to create a refreshing and surprising happy atmosphere inspired by Pop
tunes, with a Soul attitude mixed with the Yeh Yeh music style. Energetic 60's drum beats,
groovy bass lines, punchy organ parts create this brand new album produced by mr.untel.
Released in Japan by Rambling Record. Album«Qui etes-vous?»
Year 2010 mr untel is presenting 5 new albums .
- "Spanish lounge 2" The new volume of Electro and Flamenco music
- "Electro swamp melodies" A road movies in the American Bayou.
- "60's Psyche pop album" The awaited Yéyé /60's party sound
- "A summer's day" featuring Hanna H, Nu boss and Jazz.
- "House session @ 4elements Paris" featuring Doc Gee and Jean Marie K.
Year 2011 Musical Library work for Universal music publishing, Sister Queen
remixes, and Papa Legba production and Album mix.
Year 2012 "Luxe so chic" The sensual sign of Paris give inspiration to that album.
Doc Gee and Honey (Electro House EP)
WAAK Album and LIve Minimal teck performances
(Mini coe, Crash Tune recording, Jay records)
Sound Design for Beatrice Ardisson ocial "Bohémes" exhibition show at Le Grand
Palais Sept 26th 2012.


New release from Mr Untel & Hanna H. The duo enveils brand new album : Retro Novo. Hanna H : Swedish singer/songwriter. She comes from pop and jazz…
Mr Untel : French composer/producer. He comes from electronica and house…Together they make the finest musical blend...Retro Novo. Their third opus (previous albums : "Made in Paris 2007", "A Summer's Day 2010"), takes you on a journey through New and Old…
The album contains personal versions of four jazz standards ("What a wonderful world", "Syracuse", "The look of love", "Night & day") in addition to six original songs…Sensual vocals and delicate melodies… Mesmerising beats and smooth sounds… Soulful solos by stunning saxophonist Thierry Farrugia… Music to love and be loved to…

You can listen to the best of Mr Untel / Hanna H / Doc Gee on our Featured Artists Airtime Program on Mondays, Thursday, Saturday and Sundays at 18h CET on OneLuvFM


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