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Paris Toon is the Award-winning lyricist and musical enigma behind Brooklyn born Jazz Soul band Mother’s Favorite Child. He is an extraordinary (soon to be published) poet, composer and producer who never seems to stray for a moment from his forward driven vision of success in the music world.Paris started out as a hip-hop producer and has done Jazz Soul production and remix work for many different projects during his career. His influences range from Rakim and Stevie Wonder to Sly Stone, Prince and John Lennon. These influences make themselves evident in his compositions and many of the lyrics he writes. As newer artists like D’Angelo, Jill Scott, Adele and Ledisi came about, Paris’s inspiration grew in even broader directions while still holding firmly to musical pioneers from the past. His writing style has taken the genres of Soul, Jazz and R&B to a level unfamiliar to most, provoking intense curiosity and appreciation for the “next phase” of Soul music. With these inspirational forces embedded in his spirit, Paris Toon has set out on the mission to push Mother’s Favorite Child to the front of the music lines.  Paris is the binding force of Jazz Soul collective Mother’s Favorite Child. His passion and “full speed ahead” attitude make it possible for those who work with him to focus on the most important thing; the music. Whether it’s Soul, R&B, Jazz or Funk music, Mother’s Favorite Child is armed with everything it needs to propel honest, raw and timeless music to the masses.


You can listen to the best of Paris Toon Productions on our Featured Artists Airtime Program on

Mondays, Thursday, Saturday and Sundays at 18h CET on OneLuvFM

Fat Bottom Lip the Paris Toon upcoming Album

There are no musical boundaries and there will be no apologies for what has transpired beneath the surface of the proverbial “scene”. Coming up from the “UN-scene” is a new spirit of Jazz. Welcome, to the universe, the mischievous rebel sibling of Paris Toon’s Mothers Favorite Child . . . fatBOttOMlip. A stankin’, funk-flavored attitude matched with a thick, sticky groove is all it takes for fatBOttOMlip album to tear you a new earhole. The funk is what makes the eyes slam shut and the lips say “DAYUM!” It’s a unique potion concocted from Soul, Jazz and all the voices and conversations left to dance within the devil’s conscience. One heavy dose of this potion plus a productive hand from Mother’s Favorite Child’s creator, Paris Toon, topped with the talents of vocalist Tanya Tiet, brings forth the music and alternating personality of fatBOttOMlip.

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