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Random Soul Recordings is an independent record label owned and operated by Australia's leading House Music Producers, Yogi & Husky, aka Random Soul.

Established in 2010, RSR is a platform for Random Soul to stamp their brand on a genre for which they've already proven as leaders. The label provides everything from dance floor jams to repeat-friendly songs for the iPod user.

Whether the music is organic or electronic, chilled or energetic, vocal or dubbed out, one thing will always remain... the SOUL.


Random Soul is the musical collaboration of DJ/Producers, Yogi & Husky. You cant help but be captivated by their music, which oozes soul, jazz, and funk including the supreme vocal stylings of Yogi himself.

Their sound carries far beyond the shores of Australia as they continuously release music and remixes for dance floors across the globe.

Whatever the occasion, Random Soul will get your attention. Whether sipping cocktails in the early evening or peak time on the dance floor, their infamous groove and energy will at the very least, leave you tapping your feet.


You can listen to the best of Random Soul on our Featured Artists Airtime Program on Mondays, Thursday, Saturday  and Sundays at 18h CET on OneLuvFM


Random Soul - Life for the moment


  1. Another Day

  2. I Live For The Moment

  3. Hooked Up On Your Love

  4. Are We

  5. One Night Love

  6. Hard To Love Me

  7. Mysterious

  8. Problems In Strength

  9. Falling Away

  10. Time To Funk

  11. Tribute

  12. For All Seasons

  13. Gravity

  14. Different Personalities

  15. A Gentle Sea

‘Live For The Moment’ is the debut album from Random Soul, released exclusively at February 11th, 2013. The duo have made a big impression in recent years with releases for labels including Strictly Rhythm, Bargrooves, Salted and Large. The album, released on their own label, Random Soul Recordings, presents an effortless journey through 15 tracks that cement their position amongst the most established names in Deep and Soulful House circles, while also showcasing their talent in creating Soul, Jazz and Funk gems.

‘Live For The Moment’ incorporates everything from floating vocals and laid-back soulful grooves riddled with live instrumentation, through to bumping, funky club tracks. The album also highlights their talent as songwriters with a string of captivating vocals featuring strong hooks, often performed by Yogi. Six vocal collaborators include well-known West Coast USA artists Chuck Love and Joshua Heath, as well as Natalie Conway, Kristen Pearson, Kyla Sexton and Louis Hale.

The first single taken from the album is ‘Mysterious’ and will feature a Richard Earnshaw Vocal and Dub mix, released late January 2013, also exclusive to Traxsource.

The Sydney-based duo SET MO are starting to forge their sound and have a beautifully crafted, catchy tune here. After hearing the vocal and message of “Keep On”, RSR was hooked. YOGI & HUSKY’S remix of “Keep On” spices things up, opting for a club focused mix, with elements of Deep and Garage. Tried and tested, this one rocks it out as a peak-time essential. Get on it!

  1. Extended

  2. Pasha NoFrost Vocal

  3. Set Mo Remix

  4. Shane D Vocal

  5. Extended Instrumental

  6. Pasha NoFrost Instrumental

  7. Set Mo Instrumental

  8. Shane D Instrumental

  1. Extended

  2. Random Soul Disco

  3. Steven Stone Remix

  4. Extended Instrumental

  5. Random Soul Instrumental

  6. Steven Stone Instrumental

  1. Cool Million Vocal

  2. Chuck Love Vocal

  3. Extended

  4. Cool Million Instrumental

  5. Chuck Love Instrumental

  6. Extended Instrumental

  1. Scott Diaz Farewell Dub

  2. Jay-J Shifted Up Mix

  3. Jay-J Shifted Up Dub

  4. Extended

  5. Scott Diaz Farewell Dubstrumental

  6. Jay-J Shifted Up Instrumental

  7. Extended Instrumental

  1. Random Soul Dub

  2. Jay Vegas Remix

  3. Heath’s Milk Was A Bad Choice Dub

  4. Extended

  5. Random Soul Dubstrumental

  6. Extended Instrumenal

  1. Richard Earnshaw Vocal

  2. Richard Earnshaw Dub

  3. Yogi & Husky Vocal

  4. Extended Vocal

  5. Richard Earnshaw Instrumental

  6. Richard Earnshaw Dubstrumental

  7. Yogi & Husky Instrumental

  8. Extended Instrumental

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