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Sunchaser presents "Chasing Rainbows" an album for classic groove lovers.

A spiritual journey through life with all its twists and turns - where everything remains in the music.
Songs written and performed by Sunchaser and Princess Freesia, known for her ongoing collaboration with Soulpersona.


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Chasing Rainbows


Dirk Dreissig aka Sunchaser, was immersed in his passions from an early start. A B-Boy in his teens who followed his mothers advice to go see the world; he eventually made his passions his life by studying navigation, and composing music whenever not on bridge. Travelling and music are both very spiritual journeys and Dirk has been able to put his experiences in sound his studio in Germany.

His first album "Voyage to Outer Space" was release on Springbok records in 2014.
Classic groove, funk and R&B in its original notion have always held a special place for Dirk and this new album is certainly a celebration of this sound.

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