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Super Soul Music is a project born out of passion and, therefore, detached from business logic: “Real Music by Real People”. The aim here is to release good quality dance music teaming up with the big names of the dance scene. A group of professionals in the music sector joined together by friendship and determined to carry out this project. Super Soul Music start its path in 2012 with Jonathan Meyer "Warm me up", released in october, with remix by Terry Hunter. This release collect a lot of good feedback by the best djs like Louie Vega, Danny Krivit, Ralf Gum, Dimitri From Paris, Dj Spen, Jon Cutler and many more. "Warm me up" hit people hearts with the lovely story behind the official video (watch it here).

In December, after the good positioning reached on Traxsource charts, "Warm me up part 2" was released with slamming remixes by Terry Hunter, Souldynamic, Dj Vivona, Juan Laya and Houseconverse. 2013 just beginning now. The pipeline is getting hot with another release: Dj Vivona ft. Miss D - To another day. In this package there are remixes by Frankie Feliciano, N'Dinga Gaba, Jon Cutler, and Houseconverse. A slamming official video release accompanies this release.

Super Soul Music spreading the love for the music with a dedicated radioshow: Super Soul Music Radioshow. Great mixed sessions by Jonathan Meyer, Dj Vivona, and special guests surprise. A lot of great music and news will come in this year.
Music is the way… music is Soul… music is Super… and Super Soul Music is the solution!


Listen SuperSoulMusic Radioshow every Friday at 21 pm and Saturday at 12am on OneLuvFM




Traxsource Promo Release: OUT NOW!
Worldwide Release: 5th August 2013

Summer is coming and Super Soul Music is ready to go with a fresh release perfect for the hot weather that will come in the next months. It’s time to “Baleka” by Jonathan Meyer feat. Thandy. Her debut on our label start with real good vibes and proposal, her beautiful voice will give you the right energy to dance. She came from South Africa and sing this song in South African language. A tribute by Jonathan Meyer to this amazing country so in love with House Music.

Club Mix” has great energy with elettro touch. The synth melodies are much particoular and alternate with clap and ayet crescendo that make this version really easy to dance. After the central break the main synth melodies make a funny but impressive evolution.

In the “Aphromix” you will hear the classic touch by Jonathan Meyer with his live drums. Energic and extremely percussive rhythm and groove with amazing evolutions. Lovely marimba with some aggressive Hammond musical note that bring up the rhythm of entire song. After the break the percussion become sharp with more heavy Hammond with incredible energy.

The “Main Mix” start with an aggressive and solid groove that will make you shake immediately. The main synth make a solid structure to all the song that will keep an high energy level for all the song. The voice and the choir give more energy and after the central break a wonderful piano will accompany until the end.

Assassin Mix” is definitively the baddest and sickest. Really acid synth on it with strange melodies perfect for a travel mind. There is a familiar drums imprint played live to. The entire track is more minimal, less vocals withouth choir. Will bring the dancefloor on another planet with an ossessive drums/synth mix crescendo until the end.

Need energy for summer dancefloor? Super Soul Music… is the Solution!




Traxsource Promo Release: OUT NOW!
Worldwide Release: 1st July 2013

Super Soul Music is back! After the latest release ‘Come On Over’ by SuperSoul, supported by a lot of big names of the music industry, now is the time to Dj Vivona, again with the amazing Miss D. ‘Surely The One’ is the title of the song. Miss D vocals not need description anymore. Beautiful voice full of Soul, with great remixes by Jonathan Meyer.

Main Mix’ is a straight travel mind that going down deep inside your Soul. Elettro synths and powerful bassline give the right energy… like a train. With a punching groove and suggestive breaks make this mix perfect for a bigroom dancefloor. Hypnothic athmosphere at the end.

Jonathan Meyer Club Mix’ with a shaky ayet and sloppy elettro synths this version will capture your attention with his paricoular sounds. The fresh bassline will make you move from the first beat. In the middle of the mix a synth crescendo will destroy your dancefloor. Pure energy.

Jonathan Meyer Space Mix’ is an hypnotical vision of this song. The jumping drum groove give a particolar rhythm to this mix with a refined combination between echo and delay. Quickly pad melodies will make you feel in the space for real, withouth a defined direction. Piano melodies with echoes will help your travel to never go back.

Alternative Mix’ is really dark. Is psycological dangerous. Deep bassline with vocals loop that will hypnotize yourself. Elettro synths melodies give a particolar character. Is difficult to describe perfectly what this version will make you feel. Is soft and hard in the same time… Your Soul will give you the answer.



The perfect balance between groove and dance floor energy, a mix of funky and soul music productions expanding itself from house music to tribal sounds and refined stylistic solutions. That’s Jonathan Meyer, drummer, dj and producer. In his career he took part in events such as "Tony Humpries & Friends" and the Cirque du Soleil after-show parties .
His musical carrier began at 6, playing drums in the Evangelical Church where his father was the parson. At first he submerge himself into Rome blues, soul and jazz scene. But it’s in 2000 that Jonathan makes his official debut in the house music's world with a performance at the Pasha club in Riccione.
During his career, Jonathan specialized in drumming and dj set, but also in music production, continuously hunting for the best sound and the best international musicians . After the collaboration with the Cirque du Soleil, 2003 is a particularly prolific year that sees the release of the single "Tribal Experience" (remixed by Jesse Garcia), on Tribal Spain Recordings label.
10 thousand copies are sold , and such an amazing result prompts the release of "Tribal Experience Vol 2" (remixed by Phunk Investigation) and "Tribal Experience Vol 3".
In 2003 Jonathan Meyer remixes Simple Minds greatest hit "Alive and Kicking" , on Absolutely Records. Its roots, however, bring him back to funk with the release of the chill-out CD "Tribal Funk". Eleven tracks where Jonathan harmoniously blends tribal, funk and soul.
Between 2006 and 2007 "Now that I found you" (written by Barbara Tucker and sung by Dawn Tallman), "Afrique" and "Back in the days" (vocal performed by the legendary Sabina Johnston) are published, while Luis Radio's "The Mood" stars Jonathan on percussions. In 2008, Jonathan signs with Purple Music, performing in December of that same year at the Purple Night held in Kauflauten club in Zurich.
Since 2008 Jonathan publishes "Sunday light" and an EP that includes "U know me" and "Borderline", both topping Traxsource's chart for several weeks . He also remixes "The best of me" on Panevino records, makes a Stevie Wonder tribute and signed the single "Talking alone" again on Purple Music.
In September 2011 starts the first collaboration with Madhouse UK, for which Jonathan produces the Ep "Many things" containing a Kerri Chandler's remix . In 2012 "Mambito", where Jonathan merges drums and Hammond, is released on Tony Records. At the moment, Jonathan is endorser of X-Drum and Ufip cymbals.


DJ Vivona, producer and avid vinyl collector, started spinning records and amassing his collection at around 13 years of age. His great passion for music continued all the way through to his adulthood and he recently attained his Bachelor of Arts in Music Theory from acclaimed University of Palermo.

In the last 4 years alone Luca, as he's known by his family and close friends, has made quite a local name for himself DJing at the all main hotspots in Southern Italy and opening up for some of the biggest names in House Music such as Louie Vega, Tony Humphries, Frankie Knuckles, Dave Morales, Satoshi Tomiie, Dimitri From Paris, Terry Hunter, Moodymann, Lil’ Louis, Bobby D’Ambrosio, Kenny Carpenter, Jamie Lewis, Jon Cutler, Ricky Morrison,
Danny "Buddah" Morales, Marshall Jefferson to name a few, as well as being the hosting DJ for such international superstar performances by Jamiroquai. India, Barbara Tucker, Anane, Joi Cardwell and Monique Bingham.

His first official release "Holding On" was released on legendary NYC House Music imprint King Street Sounds who were also quick to release his recent follow up "Return To Love" with Joi Cardwell, a Traxsource Top 10 single containing superb remixes by House legends Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper (aka Director's Cut), Terry Hunter, and rising super-producer Jonathan Meyer. His other release "Set Me Free" feat vocalist Jade is signed to Hi:Rise /Defected Records and has been supported worldwide by Louie Vega, Quentin Harris, Kenny Carpenter and many more.




Super Soul Music is back after a little summer break… but ready to start an hot winter season. After the good results of “Breathe” supported by Ralf Gum, Ultra Nate, Quentin Harris, Vinny Da Vinci, and many more, with big support from South African fans, Super Soul Music repeats it with slamming remixes by Abicah Soul and Dj Vivona, in perfect time for the ADE Conference 2013.

‘Abicah Soul Vocal Mix’ has a bumping groove with sloppy bassline in ‘80s style. Elettro synths give the right touch that will work for sure on dancefloor. Strings crescendo well tied on Billie Jean’s voice give the right deep touch that bring atmosphere in the club.

‘Abicah Breathin Dub’ its quite aggressive. The punch with the sub-bass are really strong. This version emanate pure energy for the dancefloor. The vocals are cutted and edited to enhance the hardest side of the track. Its perfect for bigroom situations.

‘Dj Vivona Remix’ go straight like a missle. Groove, bass and synths run like trains directly to your mind and your legs… impossible stop dance it. The voice with the right reverbs is hypnotic. The synths grows and grows and each reastart become more strong and exciting, growing up the power of this song. Dangerous break in the middle. A bomb.

The 'Main Mix' start with a refined jumping groove and hot pad. The vocals starts quickly giving strong character and expression. In the second part, the vocals tonality increases bring more pathos… and more Jonathan's touch with amazing drums.

‘Abicah Soul Instrumental Mix’ is the right choice if you would like to focus on every musical part of his remix. Straight to the dancefloor vibe.

Music is the way… music is Soul… music is Super… and Super Soul Music is the Solution!

Promo Traxsource: 7th October 2013
Worldwide Release: 28th October 2013

Super Soul Music makes the first birthday, and does it with a first collection of the best releases the first year of life: Super Various Vol 1. Terry Hunter, Jonathan Meyer, Abicah Soul, Dj Vivona and Frankie Feliciano will decorate the vibes of this first volume.


1) Jonathan Meyer - Warm Me Up (Terry Hunter Go Bang Main Club Mix) - SSM001

2) Dj Vivona feat. Miss D - To Another Day (Franky Feliciano Brooklyn Mix) - SSM003

3) Jonathan Meyer feat. Billie Jean - Breathe (Abicah Soul Vocal Mix) - SSM008

4) SuperSoul - Come On Over (JM Club Mix) - SSM005

5) Jonathan Meyer feat. Thandy - Baleka (Aphromix) - SSM007

6) Dj Vivona feat. Miss D - Surely The One (Main Mix) - SSM006


Worldwide Release: 9th December 2013


Music is the way... music is Soul... music is Super... and Super Soul Music is the solution!


Jonathan Meyer "Something More", a Patti LaBelle tribute, is out now on Traxsource Get your copy and support Super Soul Music

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