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Bio :

The word timeless best describes the sound of The Rebirth. While other artists are focused on recreating the latest trends,The Rebirth uses its seven-member fusion to keep the quintessential soul band experience center stage, while evolving thegenre of soul music towards the future.


The Rebirth’s forthcoming full-length release, “BEING THRU THE EYES OF A CHILD” is the result of several years of selfdiscovery,repurposing, and reinvigorating each member’s desire to persevere in their chosen passion. It’s a collection ofmusical creations that embodies the sound of a time and space that will never be repeated.


BEING THRU THE EYES OF A CHILD is a quasi-concept record, where its underlying theme is the subconscious humandesire to return to how one viewed the world as a child. The Rebirth’s distinctive sound and approach throughout the albumhas a myriad of faces and moods. While the production captures the essence of classic soul recordings with measuredmastery, each song is composed with the ideal balance of appeal to those that either simply savor an infectious groove andmelody, or those who seek more profound meaning.


From the downbeat of the harmonies in the “Prelude” to the last audible fade in the dynamic soul ballad “Surrender the Pretender,”each song chapters the odyssey of one’s journey from breaking point to self-realization. The music has continuity,detours, and emotions paralleling the ebb and flow of life; where sometimes it’s a celebration -- as expressed in the funkundertones of “Show ‘em” -- or a peaceful escape which one can find in the acoustic serenity of “Come on Over.

”While THRU THE EYES is an expression of The Rebirth’s current state, the band began its journey in 2003. Their first single,THIS JOURNEY IN, was a 12-inch release on Loslito’s then-newly formed label, Kajmere Sound. This gritty psychedelicsoul undertaking, now considered an underground classic, immediately caught the ears of King Britt, who quickly addedthe track to his BLACK TO THE FUTURE compilation.


From there, the course of history for The Rebirth was on a high trajectory, which was evident before the group ever releaseda full-length album. They acquired many compilation licenses for the first single “This Journey In,” including GilesPeterson’s “Trust The DJ” and Norman Jay’s “Giant 45.” Following the single, The Rebirth toured the UK and other Europeanterritories for their second single release, “Everybody Say Yeah.” The new single gained recognition by pioneers likeLittle Louie Vega, who then licensed the track to his “Soul Heaven presents ‘Masters at Work,’” and the single later founditself as a commercial segue theme song for the NBA playoff’s.


Once released in 2005, the band’s full-length album THIS JOURNEY IN embedded The Rebirth as one of the most influentialunderground groups, and garnered the Readers Choice “Group of the Year” for the highly reputable online magazineSoul Tracks. During this period, The Rebirth recorded a cover of the Mighty Ryeders’ “Evil Vibrations” for Ubiquity’s Rewindseries – which added to their underground success. In 2008, they released a special remix EP with a new futurefunk/boogie style single called “LOVE ISSUE.” UK’s longstanding Blues & Soul Magazine writer Snowboy declared, “Rebirthcome thundering back with the most glorious and heavenly piece of Jazz Funk Imaginable…To be honest, I’m goingto have trouble finding a better record than this instant classic this year, 10 out of 10 means perfect, so, ‘perfect’ it is. 10.”


As much emphasis as the Rebirth places on the execution of its recordings, the same focus is found in their live performance.However, while the studio environment is one of refinement, the live medium is one of spontaneity. During each liveperformance, the musical conversation that happens between the band and their audience infuses new life into their songs.At each venue, the audience gives its own personalized response, resulting in each show having a unique stamp; and, notwo shows are ever performed exactly the same way.


The Rebirth has toured the UK, Ireland and other European countries; they have played many festivals, including the South-Port Weekender, Big Chill, South Africa’s Cape Town Jazz Festival, The Blue Note tours in Japan, and The Culture CollideFestival. Now, along with the release of “Being Thru the Eyes of Child,” The Rebirth is gearing up once again to show andprove that soul music is still alive and that a passionate audience is out there searching for it.

The Rebirth, is a Los Angeles based septet built on an organic blend of new and traditional Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Funk. In this day of solo artistry, what distinguishes The Rebirth from most is their returned emphasis on the soul band, where each member is recognized for their participation, and each influences the direction of the overall sound.


The Rebirth members are Carlos “Loslito” Guaico, producer, keys & lead vocals; Baskerville Jones, lead vocals; Patrick Bailey, guitar; Chris Taylor, drums, vocals; Mark Cross, keys, synths, vocals; Daniel Seeff, bass; and Nikki Campbell, percussion.


You can listen to the best of The Rebirth on our Featured Artists Airtime Program on

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